Welcome To Bradfordbrown Design
Welcome To Bradfordbrown Design
Posted by Bradford Brown on 09/20/2012

Welcome to the new home of Bradfordbrown Design.

In my new website you will be able to find out a little bit about me and the company, services, blog, contact information and more importantly my portfolio. No one is going to hire a designer unless they have seen the quality of their work. Their is a wealth of examples that can be found in the portfolio section showcasing many different projects big and small and working with companies from start ups to Fortune 500 companies.

So if you are reading this you have found my blog. I have put off writing a blog for some time now, due to my lack of interest in writing but i have now come to realize the need for it. So lets see where this blog takes us. So what do i write for my first blog post? Maybe lets start with some background on me and the company!

I have always wanted to be a designer and nothing else! I was never going to be a doctor or lawyer but art and design has always interested me. At high school I thoroughly enjoyed art class, it was my clear favourite! I excelled in both Art History and the practical side wether it be drawing, painting, ceramics etc. Art History really clicked with me finishing top of the class at the end of Grade 12.

End of grade 12 came around in 1998 and I had to decide what career path I wanted. I decided a “year off” would be best to really lock down wanted i wanted to do. In that “year off” in 99 I did a bridging course which covered numerous aspects of design. It was in this course that I found I really took to graphic design and advertising! I did also think about Photography, Interior Design.

I enrolled in a 3 year graphic design and advertising program. This was really where i learnt the basics I needed in the industry. After the 3 years I wasnt ready to settle down in my career and had gotten the travel bug. I went and worked on cruise ships for 2 years in the caribbean. Along with the travel which was great i started to do some freelance design work for the cruise ship company and some of its empolyees. This too is where I met my future wife.

We decided enough was enough of the cruise ship life and moved to South Africa. Me being South African and my wife Canadian. We lived in South Africa for 4 years, in those 4 years i worked at 3 companies. A small boutique advertising agency, a workwear company and a large point of sale company.

My first “real” job was for a small company called Serious Play. I was the head designer here as well as accounts executive. I would do all the design work as well as meet with clients, get the brief and approval from client. At Serious Play i worked with accounts like Renault, Ford, Unilvever, Kswiss and Royal elastics to name a few.

My next job was for a company called Jonsson Workwear who specialize in quality workwear. I started out as a designer where i had control of all the design work. I was their only designer. I took charge for all the advertising (magazine, newspaper, flyers and billboards), packaging design, photo shoots etc. Six months later i was asked if i wanted to do something else in the company and I was offered a sales position looking after some of their biggest clients. I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge and resume (it would come in handy later for when i started my own company). After a while the travel became to much as my now wife and I were now expecting our first child.

I got hired next as a designer at Barrows. This was a fantastic company where i got to work with clients like Coca Cola, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble to name just a few. Barrows specializes in point of sale displays and merchandising globally for all these clients.

2009 I immigrated to Toronto, Canada. I took all my knowledge of graphic design and sales and started Bradfordbrown Design. I have been running the company now for 3 years and has gone from strength to strength. I work with a lot of start up companies as well as a few larger ones but I am still looking for that “Big Fish”.

Bradfordbrown Design is a full service graphic design agency. Bradfordbrown Design offers a complete and professional design service. We are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, servicing the GTA as well as some clients around the world.

We offer the same full range of design services as an agency, but at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are a new business looking for a logo design to create a striking image for your business, or an existing business needing a revamp of your brand or advertising, we will work hard to provide a design solution that is perfect for your needs and budget. We are able to work independently or as part of a team from the briefing and concept stage through to final execution, and have a thorough understanding of print production and the design software packages.

We have plenty of experience over the years and have worked on numerous accounts (big and sm

We pride ourselves on providing high end agency solutions without the agency price tag. Being part of a network of other media professionals including web developers, photographers, illustrators and printers means we can achieve the best results regardless of budget or deadline. There is no job too big or too small!

Welcome to Bradfordbrown Design, I hope to hear from you soon!

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